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SINGER Anti Cavitation valve

Singer’s wide range of Automatic Control Valves are available with specially designed and manufactured ANTI Cavitation Trims, for high Pressure Drop / High Velocity Applications.

  • Size range – 25mm (1″) to 600mm (24″)
  • The Anti Cavitation Cage is specifically designed to handle high pressure drop applications. Using the latest Application Engineering Processes and Designs, the Anti Cavitation Trim cages are designed to meet the demanding requirements of each individual application.
  • The heavy duty 316SS “dual” sliding cage design directs cavitating liquid into the center of the trim cage, dissipating energy, and allowing the damaging vapour bubbles to collapse with in the center of the cage (in liquid), away from the valve body and seat area, where cavitation normally damages and destroys other valves.
  • The valve maintains soft sealing capability, with 316SS Seat as standard – Offers Lifetime replacement warranty on the 316SS seat.
  • Singer’s Anti Cavitation trim is specifically designed to meet the requirements for each individual application.
  • In order to correctly size & design your Anti Cavitation Trim, we require all operating conditions, including (Min & Max) Inlet & Outlet Pressures, Flow Rates, Temperature, Process Media and any other relevent process information.

Singer’s Anti Cavitation Trim is available as:

  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Pressure Sustaining Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Level Control Valves
  • Combination pressure control and flow control, isolation, non return functions
  • Standard Body materials include – Ductile Iron, stainless steel – Special Alloys available on request
  • Range of Flange Drillings available AS4087, AS2129, ANSI, PN