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Key Supply Partners

SINGER automatic control valves
Singer Automatic Control Valves are world leaders in Water pressure control, and pressuer management systems.
For over 50 years, Singer has continually developed their product, and now include a range of electronic control options to provide clients with unrivalled process control, flexibility and reliability.

NORGREN Process Control

ROTORK Actuators
Rotork actuators are widely known and respected throughout the world as leaders in the Valve Automation market – Providing their clients with a reliable, well engineered and manufactured cost effective – whole of life investment.


Delatite Valves are an Australian Manufacturer of Severe Service – Metal Seated ZERO Leakage Ball Valves, and Slurry Isolation & Control Valves for the Power generation and Minerals Processing Industries

DeZurik Water Controls
DeZurik have a long history of supplying Butterfly, Plug and Knife Gate Valves into a number of industries for over 60 years.

Specialising in Water, Mining, Power, Pulp & Paper, and many other industries, their products are widely known and accepted as high quality.

TOTAL Flow Control are the complete product range

Modentic manufacture a Wide range of Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Knife Gate and other valves fro all Process industries.
Modentic’s manufacturing capabilities include meeting international standarsd & specifications.
They can supply valves in both standard and special materials, including Duplex & Super Duplex, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium and other exotic alloys to meet clients process requirements.

ICON Valve Group
ICON Valve Group specialise in the design, specification and supply of Valves, Pipework and Associated Products for the Mining, Refining, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical and other industries.
Specialising in valves for Isolation and Control of Abrasive slurries, as well as Wear Resistant Pipework, Fittings and plate using advanced Metals, Tungsten Carbides & Ceramics.
ICON also offer Pipe and Fittings available in a range of Special Alloys, including Duplex, Super Duplex, Alloy 20, Hastelloy & Titanium.