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Delatite Rotary Process Control Valve – AMCV

Delatites AMCV (Australian Mining Control Valve) is designed specifically as a solution to problematic flow & pressure control applications in severe service.
Their AMCV valve has proven to improve operation longevity on arduous applications, including processes suffering form errosion, solids impact, high temperature & pressure.

Where other valves have continued to fail prematurely, The Delatite AMCV provides clients with greatly improved performance, and minimised failure rates and plant breakdowns.

Delatite & TOTAL Flow Control specialise in working closely with our clients, “Customising” the valve and special coatings to meet the arduous applications on their plant.


  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Metal Seated, Eccentric Plug design – Offers Equal Percentage Flow Control of Abrasive Slurries and
    other process medium, providing rangeability of up to 150:1
  • 50NB (2″) through to 300NB (12″) body sizes as standard – Can manufacture up to 24″ on request
  • Valve is available with Reduced Trim options, for finer flow control applications
  • Available in Class #150 to #600 – Higher Pressure Classes on request
  • A105 & 316SS standard body materials
  • Special Cast Alloy Body Materials available on request
  • Flanged or Special End Connections
  • Trim (Plug, Seat, Bearings & Stem) are HVOF carbide coated with options for different process applications
  • Trim coating options to suit chemically aggressive, high temperature applications
  • Suitable for thermal shock apppliactions
  • Suitable for Highly abrasive applications, with high solids content.
  • Repairable (Inexpensive repair options available)
  • Actuation options – Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic